Friday, August 7, 2020

August Highlights!

Oh's August.  Like, how did that happen?  Seems like it was just May and I was putting out my flowers and strawberries.  For the past year we were in June and July.  Now, BAM!  August.  On the other hand, I'm so glad it is.  As one of my mentors always says, "The world is weird right now" and it is.  Change is good-even if it is just the seasons.  Soooo...let me tell you what I have planned for you in August!

Events (on Facebook) 

August 8th      Let's Create! A Photo Album Card!  (No purchase Required)
August 19th    Summer Vibes Workshop Class  
August 28th       Timber Workshop Class

PLUS, all of the lives I have planned.  August is going to be a very fun month!

Happiest Place T-Shirt

Recently I did a Facebook live where I made a T-Shirt and it was fabulous.  I have so many people say they don't like their Cricut because they don't understand it.  Ladies.  I'm going to try and change your mind.  Now, I'm not going to try and get you to stop using one of the other machines as I've never used them.  BUT--I have had a Cricut since 2013 so I do know a thing or two about using them.  Not that I know everything, because hey, we all can learn something new everyday.  Right?  Right.  So here we go.  

I have a friend who LOVES Disney.  By love, I mean her children are dressed in Disney and they all get Disney logo stuff and she's been to Disney Land but not world...but that is in the works.  So I decided to make her this shirt that I know she's going to love and maybe one day she'll be able to wear it to Disney World.  That's my wish for her.

  • Happiest Place Digital Art Title     Item# CC7207     $5.00
  • Black, red and yellow HTV(Heat Transfer Vinyl)-purchased on my affiliate link HERE.
  • T-Shirt of choice.  I used red and omitted red HTV.
  • T-Shirt sizes Small to X-Large the decal design shouldn't be more than 10" x 10".
  • T-Shirt sizes 2X and up the decal design shouldn't be more than 11" x 11".
  • Round Neck T-Shirts: The decal should be placed 3" lower than the bottom of the collar.
  • V-Neck T-Shirts: The decal should be placed 1.5" lower than the bottom of the V collar.
  • HTV: The shiny side is the carrier and should be against the Cricut mat.
  • Cricut:  Always mirror the design before cutting.
  • Cricut Heat N Press: Pre-press for 5 seconds.
    • Press decal design for 30 seconds at 315 degrees.  
    • Peel hot or cold.
Purchase the SVG file on my CTMH shop by clicking the "Shop" button above.  To purchase Cricut HTV, click the Cricut Icon on my website which is at the bottom of the page after you click the "Shop" button above.  Feel free to visit my Facebook page HERE and watch step by step, from downloading the SVG in Close to My Heart, all the way to ironing on the decal!  (Downloading, uploading, unzipping, ironing and everything in between!)

Step. Step. Step it Up!

August Stamp of the Month (SOTM)-Floral Celebration

This month I am rolling out something NEW!  Step 1 and Step 2 of my Stamp of the Month Club!  
How it will work:
  • Step 1-When you purchase $50 + the SOTM for $5, you will receive FREE from me the Step 1 SOTM Kit!
  • Step 2-When you purchase $100 + the SOTM for $5, you will receive FREE from me, Step 1 AND Step 2 Kits!  **Step 2 Kits may be used with CTMH retired materials. These kits are first order, first serve.  I will make as many kits as possible, but you will need to order as soon as possible for the best chance to get one of these kits.
  • When you purchase $150 + the SOTM for $5 I will also send you Step 1 and Step 2 SOTM Kits!  When you step it all the way up to $150 order or more--let me know before you order!  I will set up a party for you and you will earn FREE product from CTMH.  Par-tay!
Okay my crafty friends, if you have any questions, please email me or message me.  I'm always happy to help!  Have a fabulous weekend!

Hugs & Happy Crafting!

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